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President's Update - May 2022

Updated: May 18

Hi Hawks,

After another big weekend of football and now that the season is in full swing its timely for a quick Pres update

The year so far....


With some false starts with deliveries and a lot of work by all of the committee to organise and distribute all the new uniforms, we finally got there. I think you'll agree the new colours look fantastic.

The new "street apparel" will be available from next week (hopefully). An email with details will go out to confirm as well as the process for club members to purchase.

Click on the link for more info around the thought process and approach with the club rebrand Boroondara Hawks rebrand


As you would be aware, the grading "season" has just been completed.

This always presents the club and teams with challenges, mainly, to ensure that all teams are offered the opportunity to play at a competitive level, whilst still enjoying the season.

Whilst there have been some challenges, I believe all of our teams have been graded appropriately (obviously time will tell).

Thanks to all our coaches and support staff for their input and feedback throughout the grading period. This significantly assisted in justifying our grading submission to the YJFL


Thanks to Rhiannon Fitzgerald who has offered to organise social events for the remainder of this year.

We are in the process of confirming dates so please watch this space, we would really appreciate your support

Partner clubs pathway

I have been talking to Andrew Hedding (Canterbury president) and Dave Felicia (BJC President). We have agreed on consistent communication to ensure that all players and parents of kids at u14 level (Girls and boys) are made aware of the path way into the Hawks.

Stage 1 - Meet and greet with all u14 boys teams and u13/u15 girls teams at BGJ and Cobras in the coming weeks - dates and times TBC - watch this space.

Stage 2 - Opportunity for new (2023) players to come together at an event (run by the Hawks) to discuss next steps for example - Dates TBC

  • Brief history - how Hawks came to be

  • Benefits of playing with the Hawks

  • Grading/coaching process

  • Offering opportunity for existing u14 coaches to continue in 2023 (this will provide a more seamless pathway for both cohorts)

  • Allowing boys/girls to play in friendship groups

  • importance of having fun

  • Importance of offering good coaches and good coaching

  • Q&A with ex-Canterbury players and ex -BG players - providing positive insight into what it means to be a Hawks player - 10-15minutes

  • Questions from parents to Presidents/Coaches (anyone else)


Thanks to Simon Wirth for the development of the new Hawks website - I'm sure you'll agree it looks fantastic - new content is being added regularly.

Also thanks to Linda Muir for all the social media updates - this is the best way to keep upto date with week to week club happenings.

If you have training, gameday or milestone photos or other content you would like to be added please forward to

Planning for 2023

We are already beginning the process of planning for 2023. We anticipate up to 5 of the current committee members will be moving on at the end of this year, so we are particularly keen to speak to anybody interested to learn more about the following roles.

No specific experience required just an interest to help a volunteer based club become better.

  • Secretary

  • Registrar

  • Footy Director

  • Property Manager

  • Treasurer

Finally, on behalf of the committee I want to say thank you again to all of our amazing young girls and boys who represent the Boroondara Hawks with such respect and honour.

Pres out....

Adam Carrozza


Boroondara Hawks JFC

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